Note: Partners in North America, Europe/Middle East and Asia-Pacific/Japan are now eligible to join Dell PartnerDirect.

For our partners in Latin America and Emerging Markets, we're working to combine the best of Quest Partner Circle and Dell PartnerDirect. The enhanced Dell PartnerDirect program provides partners with multiple paths of profit in both hardware and software as well as opportunities to cross-sell and upsell adjacent solutions. We expect to introduce the PartnerDirect program in the regions mentioned above in the coming months through a phased roll-out plan. Mehr »

In the meantime, we invite partners in these regions to seize opportunities through the Quest Partner Circle (QPC). QPC builds transparent, predictable and trusted partnerships between the Quest organization at Dell and its partners around the world. QPC enables our partners to sell the breadth of Quest offerings to drive incremental revenue, margin and satisfaction among our mutual customers. Das Programm wurde entwickelt, um flexibel zu sein und die individuellen Anforderungen unserer QPC-Partnertypen zu erfüllen: Großhändler, Einzelhändler, Referral, Global und Serviceanbieter.

Als Mitglied von QPC erhalten Sie Zugriff auf technologische Innovation, die in kurzer Zeit echte Wertschöpfung und Kosteneinsparungen ermöglicht. IDC Research Director Christine Dover teilt ihre fachlichen Ansichten über Quest Partner Circle in dem verlinkten IDC-Dokument. Mehr »